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Mobile Lab activity for children

Dear Friends,

With your support Jaffa Institute is making a difference during these challenging times.

  Even a month and a half after the disaster, the shock and pain do not ease off. At the same time we have learned that a strong civil society is not a luxury but an existential necessity. 

   During this time of deepest distress and uncertainty, it is more important than ever that we continue to serve the vulnerable populations - at-risk children, impoverished families, elderly individuals and Holocaust survivors - who receive our support on a regular basis. It is crucial that current circumstances do not interrupt the provision of vital services to these populations, who struggle enough even in normal times.

   Bet Shemesh Accommodation: The Jaffa Institute has opened the doors of its residential campus facility in Bet Shemesh to house, feed and care for displaced families and individuals from evacuated towns near the borders. 


   Home Furnishing: The Jaffa Institute is seeking to provide furniture for 53 evacuated families residing in apartments requiring furniture. Many of the apartments being used to house families that have been evacuated are completely empty and need to be furnished.


   Nutrition: The Jaffa Institute's Food Distribution Center targets hunger and malnutrition in the home by providing 15,500 food packages a year.

Since the emergence of the crisis, hundreds of volunteers have been coming to pack and distribute food packages for impoverished families and Holocaust survivors. The large number of volunteers enabled the Institute to distribute around 600 food packages to these recipient groups in the first three days of the crisis alone.

Volunteers at the FDC_emergency packing

   Computers for Children: The Jaffa Institute has thus far supplied 40 families with a computer so that these children can continue their schooling during this time, and aims to supply an additional 100 computers to families in need.

   Home Activity Packages In order to help engage children in the home and mitigate their stress, The Jaffa Institute arranged activities for children to do at home, by sending creative art kits and videoed science activities.

Computers for children

Educational Program for Evacuee Children: classes for three hours each day for some 30 children evacuees so that they can continue their schooling. The teaching staff is comprised of eight teachers, student-teachers and private tutors.

Educational program for evacuee children

Therapy Sessions and Activities for Evacuee Families: Reaching some 700 participants across eight hotels , these activities are facilitated by the specialist staff who normally run our enrichment activities throughout the year.

Activity for refugees from the south

After-School Enrichment Centers (Mo’adoniot)

The Moadoniot are designed to address the academic, behavioral, and emotional difficulties of over 300 at-risk children living in Jaffa, South Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, and Yehud.

Moadonit participants

Parent-Child Centers

Our two Parent-Child Centersserve over 400 disadvantaged families with children ages six and younger.

Parent Child Center staff with kids

   The Institute has received several requests to equip a number of battalions that are currently in assembly areas. Accordingly, we have rolled up our sleeves and are acting quickly to help our soldiers in the field.

   At this time, we are asking for your help that will enable us to run both our emergency activities and our regular activities. As this dynamic and unpredictable situation continues to unfold, we are in need of your support as never before.

In times of crisis, we stand together. 

Any amount you can give will help. 

Thank you and please pray for the missing and the wounded and the families that are hurting.

We WILL share better times soon.



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