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Dear Friends and Partners,

I am writing you this letter from the field. Nearly a month has passed since the terrible tragedy that has befallen our country, and along with hundreds of thousands of other reservists I too was called upon to report for reserve duty. 

And from that very moment my mind has been filled with thoughts. Thoughts of those who are mourning the loss of a family member, thoughts of the people who were abducted and carried off by the enemy, thoughts of our soldiers in the field, thoughts of the entire people of Israel. And of course, many, many other thoughts of a personal and general nature that continuously occupy my mind.

In a matter of moments, everything changed.

From my own perspective, let me point out that the unity that had been so lacking in our people in recent times has returned, and manyfold. Not a day passes where people of all walks of Israeli life and of all ages are not expressing their support for us and our endeavors. Without exception, they understand the enormity of the moment, understand deeply that our strength lies in our unity, that a timeless people like ours has nothing to fear from the long road that lies ahead.

And let me also point out that from the very first day of the very first week of this war, the various staff members of the Jaffa Institute gathered together and resolved that its place was with the people of Israel, each one recharting a course that would maximize its effectiveness in supporting the entire population of this country during the time of the war. 

A telephone hotline was established for offering assistance to the elderly, to Holocaust survivors and to those suffering from anxiety. The Institute's parent and children centers opened their doors and their arms to the many people evacuated from border communities and the Institute's various clubs now welcome their children for fun activities on a daily basis. Mobile units began to visit the various hotels housing evacuees, providing enrichment and educational activities for children. A task-related team was set up to prepare and distribute packages of food and equipment for our soldiers and travels each day to the northern or southern front.

And with the help of many hundreds of amazing and dedicated volunteers, we are also preparing for evacuees, for the elderly and for Holocaust survivors, packages containing food, clothing, toys, computers, learning materials and much more.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for a true, uncompromising and fruitful partnership. Together, hand in hand, combining forces, we will continue to do good for others. We will be strengthened in our capabilities and in our unity as a strong and influential association working on behalf of the people of Israel in the State of Israel.

With great appreciation,

Yechezkel Portowicz

Yechezkel Portowicz


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