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Woman to Woman is Running in the Jerusalem Marathon
Meet Our Runners:

Board Member, Paula David:

I joined Woman to Womans executive board four years ago and am proud to run (only 3 miles, lets not exaggerate!) for women and children whose personal marathon is so much harder than mine. Since I specialize in therapy for traumatized children, I particularly value the importance of the support system that the children and their mothers receive at the shelter and in the halfway housing program. Its a crucial opportunity to make a mark and stop the cycle of violence, which is often intergenerational.

M., who now lives in the community after a stay in our shelter:

I spent nine months in Woman to Woman's shelter. Now that Ive been out of the shelter for a while, I can look back on the significant way Ive come. I know that in this process, Ive only gone the first mile.

Read more of M.s story in her own powerful words

Staff Member, Naomi Jana:

Ive been running with Woman to Woman for almost 20 years. Until recently, I was in charge of the infant and toddler group in the Childrens Center. For the last year and a half Ive been a therapeutic counsellor for the Halfway Housing program and coordinate the Community Integration program for women who have left the shelter and halfway homes because at Woman to Woman, were in it for the long run!
Its a privilege to be running with my son, who understands that domestic violence is everyone's problem and is joining me to raise awareness and support for the women and their children.

Looking forward to running with you,

The women, children, volunteers and staff

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I was living in a prison. I wasnt allowed to leave home without him I wasnt even allowed to give my father our address

Batsheva, who is currently living in one of our halfway-housing apartments, is a long-distance runner. Recently, she was was brave enough to share her story in a Knesset (Isaeli Parliament) Labor and Welfare Committee session on the crucial issue of integrating domestic abuse survivors into the workforce:

We thank Golf & Co. for sponsoring our participation in the 2022 Jerusalem Marathon

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